CSS Complete Recovery Set
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For skin prone to yeast infections, veterinary dermatologists recommend our CSS Recovery Set.

Malassezia (yeast) overgrowth is a common opportunist on the skin of allergic patients. This is the organism that causes "dandruff" & seborrhea in many people.  The organism may colonize the skin and/or the ear canal. Yeast especially love fold areas of the body: ears, between toes, armpits, groin.  

The yeast organisms often cause a characteristic odor (“corn chips” smell!). Yeast overgrowth causes excessive itching and inflamed skin that can, over time, cause the skin to become thickened and pigmented. This change is called “lichenified skin” and is often described as “elephant skin.” 

The Canine Skin Solutions Recovery Set specifically targets Malassezia pachydermatis (yeast on the skin).  Frequent use resolves the infection, reduces itching, and improves odor. The two-step Recovery Set is easy to use and can become a routine part of your dog’s plan for healthy skin: treat the infection, resolve the odor, and prevent recurrence!