I am a veterinary dermatologist who has owned allergic dogs for years. My current dog, a French bull, is quite itchy in spite of his allergy vaccine. Just bathed him today and sprayed his feet with these products and he looks great! Less itching too.
— Valerie Fadok
I used CSS shampoo on ‘Popcorn.’ I love it! Smells great, lathers easy, and is much easier than other shampoos to rinse out. I am using the spray on Popcorn’s paws right now and it is sooooo easy to use. The CSS products are fantastic. From Savanahh, GA
— Leanne
Canine Solutions products are excellent products. Probably the best you find if you have an allergic dog. There is no better veterinary dermatologist than Dr. Rhodes. She has been treating my highly allergic cocker spaniel for at least 4 years. She knows what she is talking about. Brilliant is an understatement.
— Rebecca Knaster
Thank you Canine Skin Solutions for helping us to solve and relieve so many skin issues for our rescue dogs! We highly recommend our fans follow their active Facebook page! Ask questions about your own dogs and receive a thoughtful response from Dr. Karen Rhodes and Dr. Terri Bonenberger.
— Danny & Ron's Rescue 501 (c)(3)
After several unsuccessful months of trying different products to get the hair to grow back on Chico’s bald spots, good results were almost immediate after I started using CSS shampoo and spray. Thank you, Terri!
— Mary Degnan
Good morning, I received the Shampoo and spray Yesterday. Will be giving all 4 dogs a bath today.
— Maria Vallillo
Jessi and Chula almost 1 week post bath with #CanineSkinSolutions shampoo. Both still have a shiny coat. Lather was good. The smell was clean and mild with a hint of eucalyptus. Rinses well. So far I think they feel better with less scratching. Will continue to see how they do.
— Michele Clarke
I just gave Sonia a bath in the Canine Skin Solutions, Inc shampoo, It is minty fresh, and lathered up great and rinsed out pretty easy. Amazing how much dirt and stuff hides in the feet and hair of a Cocker Spaniel. She’s been chewing her feet in the afternoon after her medicine wears off so I’m hoping a good bath will put a stop to that. I have the spray too. The house and dust mites is another task on the list. Maybe time for an early spring cleaning.
— Mary Kostus
Best product ever. Using it now on the horses in Florida and have no skin problems like in the past.
— BJ Erhrardt
I do not post often, however I would like to thank the administrators/ vets on this site for their suggestions and expertise. My 12 year old Malinois has had significant and traumatic allergies for the last 3 years as a result of multiple surgeries that have comprised his immune system. Your recommendations have helped so very much and though not 100% he is so much more comfortable. We have no established a diet and bathing regime (using your shampoo and spray) that seems to work for him. I think you and appreciate you and the FB page.
— Wendy Rosa-Monda
I started using the CSS products on Toby and Freddie a couple months ago and I’ve been SO happy with the results! Both smell so good after their baths! I have never used a shampoo that the smell stays with them for so long. Toby had a hot spot on his tail and the spray has helped it tremendously! Not only did it help clear the spot but it was helped decrease the constant chewing of the area!! I am so pleased with the products and highly recommend them to anyone that has a dog that suffers with allergies and hot spots like mine do!
— Amanda Perry
You can see how well it lathers up though. I always felt I had to use a lot of volume in other dog shampoos to get a lather and then rinse forever to get it out. Your shampoo lathers up nice and rinses out pretty quickly. I bet he’s enjoying it. Less stress for both the dog and the owner. Good boy handsome Marcus.
— Mary Kostus
I saw a big improvement yesterday after the bath, and her fur is so soft and clean now.
— Mary Kostus
These products are great and they smell amazing! Finally, canine skin care products that are effective and don’t smell ‘medicine-y.’
— Jennifer Garcia
Three weeks of using CSS shampoo and spray! I haven’t been using as much as I should be, but I am still pleased with the results!
— Stephanie Brown
Bathed my dog with your shampoo and spray...she looks FABULOUS!
— Anonymous
If any of you have skin issues with your dog, I have a friend I have known for years and she is not just an amazing vet but super gifted. There is hands down no one better than her! Dr. Karen Helton Rhodes has retired but is writing amazing books and has a Facebook page called Canine Skin Solutions, Inc - go check it out. My brother had a boxer (he struggled with skin issues for years) and finally listened to me and saw Karen. Quickly, the dog was on the mend. I hope you will go take a look and I think you will be very impressed!
— Lisa Pasquino-Mcdowell