MacGregor had a chronic and recurrent staphylococcal (staph) infection that was resistant to a large number of antibiotics.  He had large patches of hair loss with crusts and irritated skin.  His lesions were easiest to see on his belly and groin region but located all over his body.


Ms. Guerra called after only 5 days of topical therapy to say that she was “incredibly excited and grateful“, that she had “never seen such a fantastic response“, the “CSS RecoveryShampoo & Spray are remarkable, thank you”. MacGregor had been battling his bacterial infections for quite a while with a poor response to other medicated shampoos and sprays.

His #rash was typical of those caused by #StaphBacteria:  red bumps that become large circular crusts.  The CSS Recovery shampoo & spray cleared his skin 100% in just 3 weeks!  He had been battling this problem for months!

He is now using it to prevent infections!