Red & Inflamed ears in a dog with allergiesRed ears are most commonly associated with ear infections (bacterial, fungal or parasites) and/or allergies.   Often allergies are the predisposing factor that leads to recurrent ear infections.  In some dogs and cats with allergies you may notice the inner surface of the ear flap (pinna) intermittently “flush” in association with allergen exposure.

In addition to redness, look for odor, discharge, head shaking or scratching at the ears. Some infections if not addressed can lead to rupture of the ear drum, scarring of the ear canals and/or hearing loss.

Because ear infections can be caused by a variety of diseases evaluation by a veterinary dermatologist or veterinarian is recommended. Veterinary dermatologists have increased expertise in the treatment and management of severe or chronic ear disease. 

Possible Causes:

  • Allergies (Environmental, Food allergy, Contact allergy)

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