CSS Complete Recovery Set

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CSS Complete Recovery Set


The CSS Complete Recovery Set is designed to resolve infections, rashes, and hotspots.


  • CSS Recovery Shampoo
  • CSS Recovery Spray

"Our sheltie Buffy was at our veterinarian's office every few weeks because of Staph Infections.  Our vet recommended the CSS Recovery Shampoo and Spray.  We were amazed at how healthy it made her skin look and feel.  Fewer rashes and less visits to the vet.  Thank you CSS!" - Jim & Mike, California

"My dog Cooper used to break out in rashes all the time after spending all weekend outdoors during hunting season.  My wife ordered the products online and once I started using the shampoo and spray he did much better.  I spray his belly at the end of every day and bathe weekly.  Thanks for making Coop feel more comfortable." - Bobby, North Carolina

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