For odorous skin, veterinary dermatologists recommend our CSS Essentials Shampoo.

Odor develops due to a build up of dirt, oils, bacteria and yeast on the surface of the skin.

Odor occurs in dogs with and without skin problems.  It is common for active dogs to develop an odor (just like us!). This is especially true if your dog leads an active lifestyle (swimming, running, playing with others at doggy daycare or dog parks).  

Dogs with itching and allergies can develop severe odor more frequently.  Itchy dogs and those with allergies can develop severe odor. The skin of allergic dogs allows bacteria and yeast to overgrow on the surface of the skin leading to odor, rash, and itch.

The solution for odor? More frequent bathing. In most cases you can’t bathe your  dog too frequently but you need to use the right skin care products for your dog’s problem. See our guide to choose the correct product line for your dog.