CSS Complete Calming Set
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For skin that is itchy, inflamed or red, veterinary dermatologists recommend our CSS Calming Set.

Excess itching causes trauma to the skin and further increases inflammation.  This commonly leads to secondary infection (bacteria & yeast overgrowth) on the skin’s surface. Secondary infection also worsens inflammation and itching leading to a vicious circle of itch and inflammation. It is important to identify the underlying cause or reason your dog is itchy.

The pattern of scratching might provide a clue. Observe what areas your pet scratches (face, ears, sides, elbow, or underarms) and what time of day it occurs.  See if you can observe any association with going outside or exposure to certain foods.  All of these details can be important.  Common causes of itching are environmental allergies (Atopic Dermatitis), flea allergy, food allergy, parasites (mange), bacterial infection (Pyoderma) and yeast infection (Malassezia dermatitis). Shampoo therapy is vital for each of the possibilities.  

Your veterinarian can help determine the exact cause of the itch. The two-step Calming Set is easy to use and can become a routine part of your dog’s plan for healthy skin: resolve inflammation and prevent recurrence!