CSS Complete Recovery Set
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For skin prone to hot spots and flea allergies, veterinary dermatologists recommend our CSS Recovery Set.

Hot spots are a common problem in dogs.  The lesions are very itchy, moist, and inflamed; they rapidly develop and worsen over a short period of time.  Hot spots typically develop over the rump, tail or sometimes on the face or behind the ears.  

They have also been called “summer sores” because they are often triggered by allergic skin disease (especially flea allergy). These lesions are prone to bacterial infection. Antibacterial topical therapy alone (CSS Recovery shampoo and spray) is helpful and can resolve the majority of cases.  In severe cases, evaluation and treatment by a veterinarian is recommended.

The two-step Recovery Set is easy to use and can become a routine part of your dog’s plan for healthy skin: Resolve “Hot Spots” and prevent recurrence!