For skin that is dry (or just to keep skin healthy!), veterinary dermatologists recommend our CSS Essentials Shampoo.

Developed by veterinary dermatologists, CSS Essentials shampoo promotes healthy skin and gives your dog a spa-like experience. This mild formulation effectively cleanses all skin types and avoids the drying effects of many medicated shampoos.

CSS Essentials shampoo includes ingredients that are active required building blocks for normal healthy skin (i.e. ceramides). These ingredients help restore the lipid barrier of the skin. CSS Essentials shampoo removes unwanted oils, dead skin cells, dull residue and debris from the skin surface- leaving your dog’s skin and haircoat looking shiny and healthy.

Essentials shampoo is easy to use and can become a routine part of your dog’s plan for healthy skin: restore your dog’s heathy skin!