For a dog with an active lifestyle, veterinary dermatologists recommend our CSS Essentials Shampoo.

Injury prevention is often a top goal for canine athletes or dogs that lead active lifestyles. Hunting dogs, working dogs or dogs visiting doggy daycare and dog parks can be prone to skin irritation or injury. The dangers of compromised skin sometimes get overlooked.

Serious bacteria, as well as fungi/yeast, can accumulate on dog’s skin due to their environment. Remember, the skin of an active dog working or playing is also traumatized more than normal. The resulting breaks in the skin—cuts and scrapes—are then vulnerable to infection. Outbreaks of skin infections caused by Staph, methicillin-resistant Staph and MRSA have been reported in dogs ranging from mild to serious.  

Essentials shampoo is easy to use and can become a routine part of your dog’s plan for healthy skin: protect and promote healthy skin during play and performance!