QUICK EAR TIPS you might not know (from your DOG’S DERMATOLOGISTS)

QUICK EAR TIPS you might not know (from your DOG’S DERMATOLOGISTS)

Drs. Karen Helton Rhodes and Terri Bonenberger

Board Certified Veterinary Dermatologists

Canine Skin Solutions, Inc.



Canine Skin Solutions has created a quick compilation of ear tips to use in your everyday care for your dog’s ear…be the canals healthy or in need of medical attention!

This is a very common question!  There is no simple answer.  A good rule of thumb to follow is:  If the ears are normal then leave them alone. If there is a problem (red, itchy, infected, etc.), then you will need to pluck them so they can be adequately treated. Avoid the use of powder. I know it is a common practice to use powder to make the plucking easier BUT it can lead to big problems in the canal.