CSS Complete Recovery Set
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For skin prone to bacterial 'Staph' infections, veterinary dermatologists recommend our CSS Recovery Set.

Bacterial infections (pyoderma, folliculitis, furunculosis) of the skin and hair follicles are very common problems in the dog. Bacterial skin infections have a characteristic appearance, similar to how “acne” appears on the skin of our face or back.

The most common appearance is a red rash with crusts or scabs. This infection can also cause circular areas of hair loss surrounded by a ring of scale (often mistaken for “ringworm”).  In dogs with short hair coats this infection can cause "moth-eaten" areas of hair loss. Sometimes , these infections can be itchy. The Canine Skin Solutions Recovery shampoo and spray specifically target these infections.

The two-step CSS Recovery Set is easy to use and can become a routine part of your dog’s plan for healthy skin: treat the infection and prevent recurrence with weekly use!