Dr. Karen Helton Rhodes

Dr. Karen Helton Rhodes  


           Dr. Terri Bonenberger                              

Dr. Karen and Dr. Terri are board certified veterinary dermatologists with over 35 years of combined clinical experience. Through their work and friendship they realized that pet owners needed greater access to reliable information and effective products to help their pets have healthy skin.  The doctors saw the emotionally devastating effect chronic skin disease has on these pets and their loving families.      


Dr. Terri Bonenberger  


Owners, who wanted to be able to hug their dogs, have them sleep on the bed, and play freely with their children often no longer felt comfortable.

Dr. Karen Helton Rhodes and Dr. Terri Bonenberger are both based in Charleston, South Carolina where they continue to work together and develop new and exceptional products to help all dogs with skin problems.  The Canine Skin Solution Products revolutionize topical therapy for all dogs and set a new standard of care.

“As dermatologists we know how devastating recurrent Staph infections, itching and odor can have on pets and their families. We wanted to provide products to fit the needs of each dog’s unique set of skin problems.”

--Drs. Helton Rhodes & Bonenberger




Meaghan Trulock, Veterinary Specialty Technician 

Meaghan is a licensed veterinary technician with a bachelors degree from William Paterson University. She has worked in the specialty animal health care field for 15 years working in both surgery and ophthalmology, but specializing in dermatology for the past 10 years. She has worked closely with both Dr. Karen Helton Rhodes and Dr. Terri Bonenberger. Her areas of expertise are in dermatology, anesthesia and surgery, as well as, clinical examination and client education. Meaghan also provides continuing education to other veterinary technicians and continues to advance the field of veterinary dermatology.